Performance Vehicle Inventory

Used Performance Vehicles for Sale in Selden

Here at JTL Auto Sales Inc., we offer a wide variety of used vehicles for your perusal. Many of our used vehicles are built for performance to give Cetnereach drivers the thrill they're looking for.

Our inventory is made up of a varied assortment of vehicles, with an emphasis on luxury vehicles like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. While our vehicles are certainly luxurious and sporty, they all serve a number of purposes, and all have an emphasis on quality.


One of the most recognizable names in the auto industry, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are praised for their blending of luxury and performance features. Designers from this manufacturer painstakingly design their vehicles to include as many amenities as possible. Features like climate control, leather interiors, and sunroofs are generally just included as standard features in flagship Mercedes-Benz models at this point.

One of our own flagship Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the CLS-Class, which is a series of luxury sedans with plenty going for it. One of our top sellers, most incarnations of this vehicle sport a 3.0-liter engine, impressive handling and drivability, and a number of amenities to choose from. Luxuries like heated seats and the like can be sorted out with our team here at JTL Auto Sales Inc.


Finally, we'll be discussing our BMW options. BMW is a well-regarded automobile institution at this point in time, with a dazzling array of vehicles and model types that have all garnered attention and acclaim. Known for their streamlined designs, sense of elegance, and general reliability, it's no secret that a quality BMW is one of the most desirable vehicles out there.

The BMW M5 is one of our favorite model types here in the Farmingville area. This vehicle delivers astounding horsepower and acceleration capabilities, but it still makes you feel in control when in the driver's seat. With a responsive operating system and comfortable driver's seat, you'll be able to work out for yourself how to use the BMW M5 in no time, while also getting a feel for its unique driving experience.

Buying Used in Selden

If you've always wanted to own a luxury vehicle but were hesitant about price, then look no further. At our dealership, our team is more than willing to work with you in terms of price, budget, and financing. We firmly believe that anyone should be able to afford one of our models, so talk with us openly if that's a concern for you!

The benefits of buying one of vehicles used are numerous. You'll have access to our dealership for parts and servicing, a well-trained team capable of answering your questions clearly and simply, and you'll be secure in the knowledge that any vehicle you end up acquiring arrived untainted.

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If you're curious to explore our lineup of luxury vehicles, then come by JTL Auto Sales Inc. to set up some test drives! Once we got in the driver seat of these vehicles, we never wanted to leave.