Tailgating Essentials

You've been waiting all year for football season to begin. You are probably more excited about tailgating than you are about watching the actual game. That's perfectly normal! Now's the time to start preparing your tailgating essentials kit so you'll be all ready to go that first game.
  • Party supply stores have large tins and containers that are perfect for taking food on the go in large quantities.
  • A small grill that runs off of propane can easily allow you to cook things like hot dogs or hamburgers.
  • Don't forget the grill utensils!
  • Have a…
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Buying a Used Car: Purchase Guide

New cars are nice, but they don’t have the same value as a used car. You may think it’s best to purchase a car only if it’s new, but you’re actually wasting thousands of dollars. You could simply buy a used car within the same model year and shave off thousands, while also typically taking advantage of the warranty and upgrades that come with the latest car models.

In fact, just upgrading to a 2015 used car guarantees that you’ll have more technology and driver safety built into your vehicle. This is thanks to the…
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Car Covers are Important to Keep Your Car Looking as Untouched as Possible

Car care is an important factor in owning a vehicle. If you have a new or classic vehicle, then keeping it looking its best and protecting it is of high importance.

When a client comes into our dealership looking for a used vehicle, one of the first things they notice is how new it looks. To keep your car ready for resale, using a car cover may help it bring in more of a return.

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The Differences Between Rear-Wheel and Front-Wheel Drive

Have you always owned front-wheel drive vehicles, so you're not sure about the differences between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive? Maybe you're in the opposite situation and have never owned a vehicle with front-wheel drive. When you're choosing a vehicle, you want to be able to find the option that will work the best for your needs. 

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