If you’re in need of a reliable dealership in the Selden NY area, then look no further than JTL Auto Sales Inc. We’ve been in business for over 60 years - throughout three generation of the Jones family - and that experience has allowed us to build a reputation for customer service and excellent used vehicles.

Initially started as a mechanic shop by John Michael Jones Sr. in the 1960s, the present-day JTL Auto Sales resides in the same location as the original John’s Ignition shop. The original repair shop and Jones family home have been shifted slightly from where they were first built, after Middle County Road was paved and expanded into the family property. Now that repair shop serves as the sales office for JTL, keeping the history alive for the modern generation of drivers.

With 60 years of experience behind us and the next 60 on the horizon, there has never been a greater pride in our family business. As a part of the Selden community, our staff has been able to assist generations of vehicle owners - from grandfathers to grandsons, just like the ownership. We look forward to continuing to serve local customers here at 504 Middle County Road!

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