You've been waiting all year for football season to begin. You are probably more excited about tailgating than you are about watching the actual game. That's perfectly normal! Now's the time to start preparing your tailgating essentials kit so you'll be all ready to go that first game.
  • Party supply stores have large tins and containers that are perfect for taking food on the go in large quantities.
  • A small grill that runs off of propane can easily allow you to cook things like hot dogs or hamburgers.
  • Don't forget the grill utensils!
  • Have a large stash of cups, plates, napkins and utensils.
  • Garbage bags will allow you to clean everything up in minutes.
  • Invest in a good sized cooler that you can fill with ice on the big day and tote along some beverages. Make sure to have a good selection.
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