Discover the Turbocharged 2014 Ford Escape

The 2014 Ford Escape offers nimble handling and startling styling that makes it a sporty entrant from Ford in 214. Designed for maximum comfort and mileage the 2014 Ford Escape combines Ford’s internationally renowned American engineering with top of the line specifications and convenience features for more happiness with every mile from Ford.

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2016 Nissan Altima

The 2016 Nissan Altima can be yours if you are looking for certified preowned cars in New York. It is available in three trims, and each trim boasts a unique set of features for ultimate comfort, driving experience, and safety.

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5 Ways to be a Defensive Driver

Getting from here to there isn’t always easy on busy roadways. In order to arrive at your destination safely, you have to be a defensive driver. It is important to be aware of other drivers on the road who may be in a hurry or are not considering others. Nobody on the road wants to get into an accident, but defensive driving begins with you.

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